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Spanish-English/English-Spanish Legal Terminology

Lawyer’s  Edition

Dictionary of Legal Terms

Spanish-English / English-Spanish

by Julio Romañach, Jr.

isbn-13 (978-1-4004-0008-9) Published 2006
US$75.00 per copy + s/h - Paperbound 8 1/2 x 11 inches, 292 pages 
The Lawyer’s Edition is an enhanced and expanded version of the Dictionary of Legal Terms Spanish-English / English-Spanish  [Diccionario de Términos Jurídicos Español-Inglés / Inglés-Español] (©1989, 1992) by Julio Romañach, Jr.  

The Lawyer's Edition provides:

  • Thousands of additional bilingual definitions
  • Appendices of basic lists of key terms, in English and Spanish, arranged by legal subject area
  • Sample letters in both English and Spanish that address a number of situations that arise frequently in the practice of law
     As in the original work, the Lawyer’s Edition contains numerous terms and definitions not found in general Spanish-English/ English-Spanish dictionaries.  Besides providing thousands of additional bilingual definitions and terms, the Lawyer’s Edition contains appendices providing basic lists of key terms, in English and Spanish, arranged by legal subject area and sample letters in both English and Spanish that address a number of situations that arise frequently in the practice of law.                       
     As an attorney admitted to the bars of Louisiana (a jurisdiction with civil-law roots) and Florida (with a system based on the common law), the author appreciates that differences in legal terminology transcend the language barrier.  Because of his professional affiliations he has been afforded the opportunity of comparing legal drafting techniques in both Spanish and English for many years.  Over the course of his career, he has examined and evaluated extensive bodies of legislation, regulations, treatises, articles, cases, and legal documents drafted in Spanish, originating from many different countries.

Teach Yourself Legal Spanish
Bilingual Guide to the Legal Terminology
of Latin America and Spain
ByJulio Romañach, Jr.
Member of the Louisiana and Florida Bars
Published 1999
Paperbound 7 x 10" 
 375 pages
isbn-10 0-9633610-4-x
US$75.00 per copy + s/h

Teach Yourself Legal Spanish provides a bilingual guide to the legal terminology of the Latin American republics and Spain, with particular emphasis on the laws of Mexico.  Following a topical approach, Teach Yourself Legal Spanish introduces the reader to legal terminology and legislation by providing not only an extensive sampling of terms in use but also portions of major codes from jurisdictions in Latin America (chiefly Mexico) and Spain.
Teach Yourself Legal Spanish is divided into twelve chapters
 each of which covers a main area of the law:

Basic Principles and Notions of Law

Contracts and Obligations

Torts and Damages

Property and Real Rights

Family Law and Community Property

Sales and Leases

Decedents' Estates and Wills

Civil Procedure and Evidence

Constitutional Law

Criminal Law and Procedure

Private International Law

Corporations, Partnerships, and Negotiable Instruments

Este manual puede utilizarse como una guía al inglés jurídico, ya que continene vocabulario jurídico y legislación en inglés  y en español.  Cada capítulo se subdivide en cuatro secciones con concentración en vocabulario jurídico, conceptos fundamentales, legislación y ejercicios de traducción.
In Teach Yourself Legal Spanish

Each chapter is subdivided into four sections concentrating on:                                                                                 

Under the heading of "representative terms", the vocabulary section introduces the reader to basic Spanish legal terms in use in a particular area along with an English translation of each term.
Fundamental Concepts
Following vocabulary comes a section devoted to fundamental concepts.  This section builds on the representative vocabulary terms introduced in the preceding section, concentrating on the core terms and concepts in each legal subject, and provides illustrative sentences using the concepts.
The Laws
This section provides representative text of legislation in each covered area of the law in the Spanish original along with a side-by-side English translation.
Translation Exercises
Immediately following the section on legislation comes a section devoted to translation exercises.  These passages use  terms and fundamental concepts introduced in the preceding sections.  This activity affords  the user an opportunity to exercise his drafting and translation skills, both from English into Spanish and from Spanish into English.  The Appendix contains proposed solutions to all translation exercises.