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Lawrence Publishing Company specializes in the publication of materials to serve the needs of attorneys and their support staffs, librarians, business enterprises, government agencies, and other persons who deal with the legal systems of Latin America and Spain or Spanish or Portuguese legal terminology.  The most current editions of Latin American and Spanish Codes and other legal materials published by Lawrence Publishing Company are: 
1) CUBA:  2nd Edition 2023 Cuban Civil, Commercial and Public Laws in English Translation in four volumes:  

2) MEXICO:  Federal Civil Code of Mexico (English translation)
2nd Edition 2021;
the Commercial Code of Mexico and
the Commercial Companies Act of Mexico
(English Translation) 3rd Edition 2021;
the Family, Matrimonial Property & Homestead Laws
Of Selected Mexican States & the Federal District (Mexico City)
Translated into Engish with an Introduction and Indices, 2021 
Dictionary of Mexican Law, 2nd Edition, 2019
3) CHILE:  Civil Code of Chile (English translation) 2022 Edition
4) COLOMBIA:  Civil Code of Colombia (English translation) 4th Edition 2022 
5) DOMINICAN REPUBLIC:  Civil Code of the Dominican Republic
(English translation) 2017
6) ECUADOR:  Civil Code of Ecuador (English translation) 2nd Edition 2022 
7) ARGENTINA:   New Civil and Commercial Code of Argentina
(English translation ) 2015
8) BRAZIL:  Civil Code of Brazil (English translation) 5th Edition 2022
9) URUGUAY:  Civil Code of Uruguay (English translation) 2nd Edition 2023 
10) PERU:  Civil Code of Peru (English translation) 3rd Edition 2023 
11) VENEZUELA: Civil Code of Venezuela (English translation)
2nd Edition 2023
12) PANAMA:  Civil Code of Panama (English translation) &
Family Code of Panama (selected substantive provisions)
(English translation) 2nd Edition 2020
13) COSTA RICA:  Civil Code and Family Code of Costa Rica
(English translation) 2nd Edition 2020
14) SPAIN:  Civil Code of Spain (English translation) 2015 
15) EL SALVADOR:  Civil Code and Family Code of El Salvador
(English translation) 2020 
16) PUERTO RICO: The New Civil Code of Puerto Rico (2021)
17)  HONDURAS: Civil Code and Family Code of Honduras
(English translation) 2021
18) GUATEMALA:  Civil Code of Guatemala (English translation) 2021 
19) Bustamante Code of Private International Law
(Bilingual Spanish/English Edition) 1996
20) Lawyer's Edition Dictionary of Legal Terms Spanish-English/English-Spanish by Julio Romanach, Jr., 2006
21) Teach Yourself Legal Spanish:  Bilingual Guide to the Legal Terminology of Latin America and Spain by Julio Romanach, Jr, 1999 
22) Mexican Law of Sales:  A Primer by Julio Romanach, Jr., 1997 
23) NICARAGUA:  Civil Code of Nicaragua (English translation) (2022) 
Commercial Code of Nicaragua &
Selected Commercial Statutes of Nicaragua (English translation)(2022) 
Family Code of Nicaragua &
Selected Public Laws of Nicaragua (English translation) (2022) 
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Julio Romañach, Jr. is a Cuban-born attorney admitted to the bars of Louisiana and Florida who received his primary and secondary education at Colegio de Belén, La Habana, Cuba and Colegio San Ignacio de Loyola, Río Piedras, Puerto Rico, respectively.  He attended college in Louisiana, a jurisdiction with civil-law roots, and received his B.A. degree (1974) from Louisiana State University and his J.D. degree (1978) from Louisiana State University School of Law.  He has translated numerous Latin American codes, as well as the Civil Code of Spain, into English.  In 1991, he translated the Puerto Rican Code of Private International Law from English into Spanish for the Puerto Rican Academy of Legislation and Jurisprudence (Academia Puertorriqueña de Legislación y Jurisprudencia).  Over the course of his career, he has worked extensively with legal documents, codes, statutes, regulations, judicial decisions, law review articles, treatises, and other commentary in Spanish originating from many different countries, in Portuguese (from both Brazil and Portugal), and in French.  For nearly thirty years, he was professionally associated with the Center of Civil Law Studies  of the LSU Law Center and the Louisiana State Law Institute, an offical law reform commission for the State of Louisiana.  
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